Otters 2016-17

23rd September 2016

In English this week we have used a storyboard to plan our own version of Fantastic Mr Fox which we have been reading all week.  We then wrote the story in our own words and made up our own ending.  We had a version where the Fox family and all the farmers became friends, but we also had a version where the foxes ate all the chickens in the chicken shed!

For Maths we have been practising our number bonds and partitioning.  We have shown our partitioning in lots of different ways using Numicon and also twigs, leaves, etc from outside.  We also drew our partitioning in chalk on the playground and then did lots of work in our maths books.  We have been doing lots of work on our number bonds as well again using lots of different ways of showing these.  Some of us have done our number bonds to 100 and even 1,000!

For our topic work in Heroes, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale.  We have put key events from her life in chronological order to create a timeline.  We have had a very busy week and have finished it off by having our first Golden Time sessions.