Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies Class blog Week ending 8/7/16

We have had so much fun this week, especially in showing the nursery children around our classroom! It has been another super fun busy week, and we loved our pirate show surprise too! This week we have been working together to make our classroom even better, which has meant that we decided to turn our sand area into a builders yard!

“I wore my hat and was the boss” Harry C explained. “Yes, and the shiny bit there reflects” Charlie C continued, showing the reflective part of the jacket.

Rubilyn spent all morning working with Thomas to create a den from the waffle blocks. They talked about their ideas together and when others wanted to join in they were able to adapt and change their design too!

“I wrote a pirate story” Vilte told us. Vilte read her story to the class. We loved the bit with the slimy octopus!

“I made up a game where you shoot the ball at the target” Lenny told us. He wrote down the rules to help others learn how to play too.

Olivia and Chloe loved writing their pirate stories. They had some fantastic ideas, and even had treasure in their stories too!

It has been another fantastic week and we are really making the most of our last few weeks learning about pirates.