Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 8.7.16

‘We have been talking about jobs on a Pirate ship.’ Thomas

‘We did some drama. We acted out Pirate jobs and we heard sounds of what it was like on a Pirate ship.’ Millie

‘I would have enjoyed being a gunner because they have to clean the cannons.’ Laney

‘I would have liked to sail the ship because you can turn the big wheel.’ Nell

‘Pirates didn’t have good food to eat. They only had salty meat and a hard biscuit, which might have had worms in it. They drank rum and their medicine was rum and lemon.’ Jack

‘We made models of pirate ships.’ Owen

‘We wanted to see of our Pirate ship floated or sank.’ Millie

‘Pirates had ships called a Sloop and a Square Rigger.’ Jack and Thomas.

‘A Square Rigger had lots of decks and a Sloop only had one deck.’ Laney

‘A square Rigger was a big ship that could carry 200 pirates.’ Charlotte

‘A sloop was a small ship which meant it could travel faster and catch up with other boats.’ Harry

In Maths we had a challenge from Pirate Pearl.

image023 copy 2

To solve the puzzle, ‘I got some cubes out and had to sort them into 4 groups.’ Layla

We were all able to use different apparatus to find different combinations of numbers to unlock the treasure chests for Pearl.

We have also been working with maps. ’We used North, South, East and West to find our way around the island.’ Robyn

‘We have made our own island maps. We drew some different things on our maps like cave, ship wreck and a jungle. We then had to find the co-ordinates of those places.’ Millie

Next week we are going on our last trip of the year. We are off to the………..BEACH!!!!!

A PCSO came to talk to us about how we can stay safe when we are there.

‘We are going to wear a wristband with Miss Davenport’s phone number on it in case we get lost. Then we can phone Miss Davenport.’ Albie.

‘If we get lost we can show somebody the number on our wristband.’ Taylor.

‘She also told us that there would probably be a lot of people at the beach if it was a nice day.’ Arabella

‘We need to stay with our grown ups so we don’t get lost.’ Maisie.


Today we are excited about our Summer Fayre.

‘I am looking forward to throwing sponges at Mrs Burt!’ Chloe

We are all looking forward to singing our Pirate song: