Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Blog 8th July 2016

“I wrote a Pirate story.” Said Harry.
“I did a Pirate story and created a front cover for it too!” said Isaac.
“Lucie and I created a big treasure map with more than one X. We did a key so you know what everything is.” Said Mehdi.
“On Tuesday, we had a Pirate show.” Said Ben.
“It was a Pirate Maths show!” added Finley.
“It was soooo funny, because the pirate man kept hiding!” said Harry.
“They were singing and dancing.” Said Isaac.
“They were selling crisps.” Said Mehdi.
“They were adding and taking away.” Said Isaac.
“They were counting them.” Said Riley.
“I liked playing games in PE.” Said Charlie O.
“We were playing in the water tray and we trying to get two fish to go down the gutter into two different ponds.” said Kara-Mae.
“I liked playing in the builders yard, building the tower of glory.” Said Amber.
“I made cement to stick the bricks together.” Said Anton.