Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 24/06/16

It has been a superb week of pirate learning!

“I made a pirate ship from the wooden blocks” Harry C.

Albie made a maths den where he could practise his number work.

Ruby has been teaching us ballet dance moves and tap dance moves!

Lucy has been dancing too!

Vilte loves reading. She has read so many books she can’t remember how many altogether!

Harry T has been playing hide and seek with Charlie S, Ruby, Elsie and Lucy.

Joshua has been challenging himself to do take away sums!

Ellie-Mai has been reading books. “My favourite is the strong wiggly worm book” (Superworm!).

Chloe made some potions. “I made a princess potion and Olivia helped me” She said. “It had flowers, eggs, sugar, and double butter! I put princess crowns in it too!”

“I made a message in a bottle with a treasure map inside” Olivia said.

Jack and Jayden dressed up and played in the pirate ship.

“Me and Pixie and Isobel have been practising doing cartwheels!” Lexi told us.

Isobel also made some superb binoculars using string, toilet rolls, and scelotape. She was very pleased with her design.

Codey is finally back with us at school again! We are so excited to have him back. “I was the ring bearer. I had to open the rings and they put the rings on eachother”.

We have has a super time this week and still really love learning all about pirates. “Next week I would like to make pirate hats for my teddies!” Lenny suggested. We can’t wait to have another super fun week next week.