Class 4 – Crickets 2015-16

Crickets Class Weekly Blog 17.6.16

On Monday in English we did some role play. We acted out the scene in Peter Pan where Peter Pan teaches the children to fly (William). Peter Pan says “flying is easy, it’s the same as having wings” (Lois). We also did some descriptive writing and created our own Neverland’s (Lois).

This week in Maths we have been learning about multiplication (Alfie) using arrays (Lois).  Multiplication means groups of (William).

In Art we were making maps of Neverland (Jack). We used tea-stained paper to make it look old (Ikechi) and we used symbols to show the features of our maps.

In History this week, we researched lots old pirate objects that could go in a pirate museum. We then decided on four objects to make (Shayna). In DT we chose one of the objects and made a plan (Rhys). We needed to choose materials and equipment to make our object (Ikechi).

In R.E. we learnt about ‘ The Ten Commandments’ and we had to write our own ten commandments (Oliver).