Class 4 – Crickets 2015-16

Crickets class weekly blog 10th June 2016

On Monday we came into school dressed as pirates because it is our new topic (Dulcie). We had a special visit from a pirate (William) who taught us how to use maps (Ralf). We used a map to find some treasure that was hidden around the school (Cady).

In maths we have been learning about fractions and how to find halves and quarters of numbers (Alfie). We have also learnt about division (Maisie) which means to share into equal groups (Lois).

In literacy we have learnt about Peter Pan (Imogen) because a pirate left a treasure chest in our classroom.The treasure chest was full of objects from the story of Peter Pan (Jack).

In outdoor learning we have been practicing our halves and quarters (Ithalia). We also tried some of the radishes that we have grown in the vegetable garden (Oliver)!