Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 24.6.16

As we have been reading the story of Peter Pan over the last few weeks we decided to investigate shadows this week.

We were able to go outside and draw around our shadows on the playground.

‘To make a shadow you need to have it sunny. A partner drew round our shadow.’ Jack.

‘You can’t draw around your own shadow because when you bend down so does your shadow.’ Robyn

‘It looks like the sun moves in the sky but it is really us rotating.’ Laney

‘They (the shadow) were pointing in different directions at different times.’ Taylor.

‘We found that shadows were shorter at lunchtime.’ Charlotte. ’Because the sun was at the highest point at this time.’ Thomas.

Using the idea of shadows we made our own picture of a Peter Pan scene.

‘We made a picture of Peter Pan and the Darling children by using silhouettes.’ Bella


Why not pop into our class to have a look at our fantastic art work?

Finally this week, we have made our models of Pirate artefacts using junk materials. We have tried to think about making them just like the real thing so when making a telescope we tried to make it slide in order to see further away. The same with a cannon, it needed to be able to slide so the cannon balls were pushed out. A treasure chest needed to have some type of hinges on it so that the lid would not fall off.

Here are some of our completed models.

‘I liked making a treasure chest.’ Millie

Look at all the treasure inside this treasure chest!


A great telescope here and I can see where it can slide in and out.


Wow! This is a large treasure chest. I like the fact it can be locked with the special key too.


This is an amazing cannon. An appropriate choice of materials and it has wheels too. Amazing!