Class 5 – Ladybirds 2015-16

Ladybird Class w/e 20.5.16

In English this week we have had lots of fun inventing new minibeasts.  We chose two minibeasts and mixed their names and characteristics together Max’s was called a Slerm and David had a Centafly.  Can you guess which two minibeasts they put together to make their new ones?

We have watched the ‘Bug’s Life’ DVD and thought about the different characters and how they use their strengths in the film.  We then drew our favourite character and thought about what they can teach us about how to make the most of our own skills.

We have been very busy completing our reading quizzes this week so Mrs Hayes and Mrs Buckley say that we need lots of sleep this weekend!!  We have planted our pea plants in the school garden and are looking forward to tasting the crop in the summer.

Learning Objectives 23rd May 2016