Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 13/5/16

A huge spider web appeared in our outdoor area on Monday. Lots of children chose to create spider information books and stories.

Albie created a superb spider information book, including a contents page and some fantastic sentences. “I went on gold” he told us proudly.

Elsie chose write a fantastic story which she read to us.

“I have been drawing lots of minibeasts” Olivia told us excitedly. Olivia knows lots and lots of minibeasts!

“I made a spider and painted it black and got pipe cleaners for it’s legs” Harry T said.”Spiders have eight legs”.”We chose paint or pen to do the black” Harry C added.

Charlie C has been looking closely at an atlas this week. He used the key to retrieve information and compare places. “Brazil has lots of rain forests” he told us. “Egypt and Africa both have deserts”. He explained Charlie loves atlases and has become an expert because he has an atlas and a giant map at home too!

Codey some super writing and told us some fantastic information about centipedes and millipedes. “They are my favourite” he said.

We have had amazing fun again this week and have learnt so much. Cant wait for another week of excellent fun!