Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 27.5.16

We had a very exciting ‘fabulous finish’ to our topic this week because we went to Cambridge Botanical Gardens.

Ava enjoyed hunting for minibeasts while she was there because she found 3 caterpillars and 3 woodlice.

Luke enjoyed sketching some flowers.

Jack liked that we could use the special schoolroom because it was nice and clean.

Nell liked looking under a big tree at the tree’s roots.

Albie enjoyed visiting the Rainforest glasshouse. There was a river in the middle and it was steamy and hot inside.

Layla sketched a beehive and some flowers and then sketched the water fountain.

Harry and Taylor sketched the glasshouses whilst they sat on the grass.

Charlotte enjoyed sketching the water fountain and noticed that it had parts that were different heights.

When Zac touched a caterpillar it tickled his hand.

Lyla enjoyed hunting for minibeasts.

Thomas liked walking through the Rainforest glasshouse. It looked a bit spooky with all the big plants.

Isabella liked the glasshouses and particularly liked looking at the cactus.

Laney enjoyed listening to the sound of the water fountain. She said it was relaxing to listen to it while she was sketching it.

Phoebe enjoyed trying to spot the pictures from the list.

Brody’s favourite part was seeing different coloured dragonflies near the little stream.

Caleb liked looking at the stepping stones on the pond.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and all the children were extremely well behaved. Thank you.

Here are a few photographs from our visit but you can see many more in our gallery.