Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 22.04.16

image001This week we have been learning more about minibeasts and particularly looking at Ladybirds.

‘We read the Bad-Tempered Ladybird.’ Layla

‘We acted out the parts of the bad-tempered ladybird and the friendly ladybird with a partner from another group.’ Nell

‘We then worked with our partner to write down what we said as the bad tempered ladybird and the friendly ladybird.’ Chloe


This is a ladybird conversation written by Albie and Caleb.

‘We had to write sentences using speech marks.’ Owen

We have even used ladybirds in Maths.

‘We have been doubling numbers on a ladybird.’ Zac

‘This means that we put the same number of spots on each side of the ladybird.’ Arabella

‘We have been thinking about the time and thinking about things we can do in a second/minute/hour/day and week.’ Jack

‘This morning we watched the red hand on the clock and counted how many seconds were in a minute. They were 60 seconds.’ Harry

In Science we have been thinking about the different food minibeasts eat.

‘A butterfly likes to land on flowers and suck up nectar.’ Charlotte

In ICT we are learning to program a robot. Here we are trying to write a set of instructions to get the BEEBOT to write digital numbers. It was very tricky!!

Mrs Burt also awarded GOLD this week to Isabella for her efforts with her beautiful handwriting. At the beginning of the year Isabella wrote many of her letters backwards but she has been working hard on this and now her handwriting is beautiful. Well done Isabella.