Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Blog 29.4.16

This week we focused on storytelling.

“We wrote a story.” Said Amelia.

“Sophia, Lucie and me helped write the story.” Said Ben “We stood up in assembly and shared it with everyone.”

“Me, Joe and Kara-Mae made a story too.” Said Scarlett.

“It was a little pony story.” Added Kara-Mae

“I wrote a story with Scarlett about the three little pigs. We acted it out to the class.” Said Eden H

“I told people a story using the spider puppet and cat came along and the cat chased us and we went to the spiders house then the spider realised it wasn’t his house!” said Thomas

In Maths we looked at making 10.

“I did lots of number sentences. I made 45.” Said Lucie.

“I wrote lots of numbers” said Eden.

“I used numicon to help me write number sentences like 5+3=8” said Finley

Also this week:

“We planted sunflower seeds. They grow really tall!” said Joe.

“I made a ladybird cake and shared it with the class.” Said Charlie.

“I made a caterpillar cake.” Said Eden.