Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Blog 15.4.16

This week we started a new topic ‘It’s a bugs life.’

“We had a special visitor that brought lots of animals.” Said Harry

“He brought a tiny dragon.” Said Riley

“It was a dragon lizard” replied Mehdi.

“The man brought little insects in for the animals to eat.” Said Ava.

“The lizard felt like a brush when it walked on you and it’s tongue went really long when it caught an insect.” Added Harry.

“The snake was really long. 5 people had to hold it.” Said Charlie.

Also this week:

“I went on a bug hunt and found a ladybird, spider and worm.” Said Christopher.

“We read Superworm and created our own superbug with our heads on different bugs! I was a supermoth!” said Finley.

In Maths we looked at symmetry.

“I created symmetrical butterflies.” Said Kara-Mae

Joe has been busy making bug cakes at home for everyone in the Bumblebee Class. They were delicious!