Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 4th March 2016

We have had a fantastically fun, and super busy week! We have all made new friends this week and have been exploring learning opportunities with our new confidence.

This week we have been thinking about the story of The lighthouse keeper’s lunch, alongside thinking about the island of the United Kingdom. “That’s where we live” Jayden said.

“An island has water all the way around it” Joshua reminded us.

Thursday was ‘WORLD BOOK DAY’ and we had a fantastic time dressing up as characters from The lighthouse keeper’s lunch. We even acted out the story as the different parts which was very funny.

Alfie has been a superstar this week, remembering to tidy up while he plays to keep our classroom looking lovely. Halle helped him to do that too!

Harry C is our child of the week this week and has been extremely busy making the most of the learning opportunities all around. He even made a tricky words book all by himself!

Lenny, Isobel, Olivia, and Lexi all chose to create a class register this week. They worked so hard to create them and they took lots of organisation!

We are all loving our special ‘free writing books’ which we often choose to get out and do our best work.

Thomas chose to play on the computers with Joshua. They worked together to create a pizza! We know that pizzas are made on the island of Sicily.

Chloe made a sparkly glitter picture which Miss Riddington found particularly beautiful. Rubilyn also made glittery pictures. The glitter was ‘purple’ she told us.

Elsie loved learning the ‘cha-cha-slide’ the best! This has been helping us to learn about instructions (algorithms), and learn directions (left, right, forwards, backwards) too.

…and just for a bit of random… Jayden made a hoover using yoghurt pots, and Jack played a chicken nuggets and chips game!!

What a brilliant week! We look forward to more fantastic learning next week.