Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 24.03.16

This week we had an Easter Maths Café.

‘I liked drawing an egg, cutting it in half and decorating it. My number bond was to 100. I wrote 50 + 50.’ Robyn

‘I liked the hunt outside. We had to find the right coloured egg. Read the question inside the egg and then answer it.’ Thomas

‘I liked making number bonds to 100 with my daddy.’ Albie

‘Chester and I took Miss Davenport outside to do the egg hunt and she got a chocolate because we helped her to get all the answers right.’ Harry

‘We could make an Easter dice. We drew Easter pictures on the dice and we had to draw the right number of pictures on each face.’ Charlotte

‘I enjoyed listening to the story, ‘We are going on an Egg Hunt.’ I liked the part where there was a huge egg and the wolf had hidden behind it.’ Isabella

‘Mrs Chaplin took me outside. We had to find 6 eggs and write down the answers to the questions.’ Layla

‘I liked having a gingerbread bunny and some juice, but I was still hungry!’ Luke