Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 11.03.16

This week we have focused on Katie Morag stories. Katie Morag wears a tartan skirt so we have made our own tartan pattern.

‘We made our tartan by weaving strips of paper.’ Bella

‘In Katie Morag Delivers the mail I liked it when she fell in the water.’ Albie

‘We used scales to weigh some parcels from the post office.’ Arabella

‘In drama we worked with a partner and pretended to be Katie Morag or Grannie Island and we talked to each other.’ Layla

‘I like the bit in the story where Katie Morag is asked to deliver the mail. I think she would have felt happy.’ Charlotte

‘I liked it when Mrs Burt played some sounds for our drama. We were making a picture of the people down by the jetty.’ Millie

image005Our own little Katie Morag.

Mrs Diamond took us for PE this week. She played some fast music and we had to move quickly around the hall. When the music stopped we had to do an angry face and make an angry shape with our bodies. (Nell, Thomas and Albie)

In our library session we drew pictures for our story stones.

‘I drew a picture of a treasure chest but Miss Claxton needs to go to the Arts Centre to get the stones.’ Luke

Next week we are looking forward to taking part in Sport Relief and running around the Junior School field. Look out for some photographs in next week’s blog.