Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Blog 24.3.16

This week the Bumblebees invited their parents to join them for their Maths Cafe.

“My mummy came in for the Maths cafe.” Said Amelia
“We did the egg And spoon race outside.” Said Kara-Mae “we made chicken hats too.”
“We counted chicks in nests .” Said Finley.
“We made some chocolate nests!” Said Alyssa
“We put chocolate eggs on top!” Said Esmerelda.
“We’ve been counting how many chicks go into the basket and see what the number is.” Said Amber

This week we also went to the farm.
“I liked the baby lamb. It had just been born.” Said Joe
“I liked feeding the deers!” Said Charlie
“I like the big cows” said Ben.
“I liked collecting and sorting the eggs!” Said Christopher.
“I liked feeding the baby lambs.” Said Finley. “They were so cute!”
“I liked holding the Guinea pig.” Said Amber
“I liked brushing the horse.” Said Eden.

Also this week Finley and Amelia have enjoyed doing number sentences.
“We were in a show, me and Lexi” said Isabel.
“We were playing a game of Madagascar.” Said Harry
“We had to swim back to New York” said Medhi
“It took a long time.” Added Christopher.
“I liked playing in the mud kitchen.” Said Kara-Mae