Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog 11.2.16

Wow! What an amazing final week. We are spending lots of time doing our final space ideas before we break up ready for a new topic!

This week we have also been thinking about Chinese new year, as people from China celebrate it at this time. Lots of us have loves dressing up, trying Chinese foods, and doing Chinese dancing!

“I did a challenge to make and decorate a Chinese fan” Pixie told us. Halle did this challenge too!

“I did a challenge outside. I painted the Chinese word sun” Elsie said.

Harry T, Charlie S, and Codey played in the home corner. “We dressed up and we had Chinese food, and we played a Chinese game where we had to get money for food” Codey explained.

Lenny has been practicing making patterns this week. Ellie-Mai also chose to make some fabulous patterns too!

Chloe did some really neat Chinese new year colouring. Rubilyn did some colouring too. She told us she is going to keep it at “school”.

Jack and Jayden worked as a team to create and collage a Chinese flag. It looks fantastic! They had to use lots of red to make it look like the flag, with some yellow stars too. Miss Riddington couldn’t resist adding some gold glitter too!

We ended our week in a spectacular way as we had a giant Planaterium come to school. We got to all have a school pack lunch in the classroom, and we did some star gazing. It was such a wonderful experience and a lovely way to end our space topic.

We have been talking lots about keeping safe this half term, so we are going to try our best to keep safe over the holidays and have a super time! 🙂