Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 5.2.16

The teachers are all trying a new way of marking our work. They are using pink if they are pleased (tickled pink) and green where we can improve (green for growth). We have ‘marking menus’ on our tables so we can check our own work.

Ava has looked at her maths work, subtracting using a numberline, and was able to see how she had worked. ‘This was easy and I got all pinks!’

At the beginning of the week we imagined that we found an alien egg and it hatched.

Chester’s alien was tiny and orange and he took it to the park. ‘We went on the slide.’

‘I took my alien swimming.’ Layla

‘My alien was dark blue with two eyes, one at the top and one at the bottom. We went to the Hungry Horse and had sausages and chips. The alien had spaghetti on toast.’ Thomas

image001We also had another Reading Café this week where we read ‘Alien Tea on Planet Zum-Zee.’

Nell enjoyed making an invitation for aliens to come to our tea party.

Chloe enjoyed making her alien mask with her mummy.

Caleb’s favourite part was eating a biscuit that he made.

Harry liked eating one of Zac’s cakes that he made for everyone.

We also made alien pizza pictures using eyeballs, worms and moon cheese.

Mrs Reale (trainee) has also been teaching us some sessions this week. She has introduced us to singular and plural words.

‘Singular means one.’ Luke

‘Plural means two or more.’ Maisie

We have also been sorting 3D shapes and thinking about ways of balancing in PE.

We only have one week left before half term now and are coming to the end of our Space topic. We are really looking forward to the visit from the Planetarium this week as our fabulous finish. Mrs Burt has also got the issue of deciding who is going to get GOLD for their Home Learning. This is going to be very tricky this time as the standard of home learning is getting better and better each time.

image021This week Mrs Burt was particularly impressed with Bafana’s rocket and just had to have a go herself!

Don’t forget if you have pieces at home you want people to see then bring them into school before Friday 12th February or add them to Tapestry. Remember we expect at least 4 pieces each half term please.