Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Class Blog 26.2.16

This week we had a stunning start to our topic where we visited different Islands. We took our passports and visited Madagascar, Sicily and New Zealand.

“In Sicily we made pizza’s!” said Christopher.

“A volcano exploded in Sicily.” Said Harry.

“It erupted” said Christopher.

“We made vanilla milkshakes in Madagascar because they grow vanilla.” Said Alyssa.

Also this week:

“I created my own Island called Shooting Starland. I also made an Island outside. I jumped in the lava.” Said Kara-Mae.

“I made a flag for my Island called Sidneyland.” Said Sidney.

“I drew animals from Madagascar.” Said Harry.

“I want to know if they have trains in Madagascar.” Said Ben M.

“In golden time I made puppets.” Said Sophia.

“In Maths we made Pictograms.” Said Christopher

“We did a pictogram of our favourite fruit and we did one of our favourite animals in Madagascar.” Said Medhi.

“I liked writing in my busy book. I drew my family.” Said Scarlett.

“I wrote a story. It was 3 pages long!” said Isaac.