Class 5 – Ladybirds 2015-16

Ladybird Class 22.1.16

Picture1In topic this week, we have learnt many interesting facts about the Sun and stars.  We have used a Purple Mash program to send our rockets into space.  In art, we have been studying paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.  We looked at the way he showed movement in his paintings.  We have made our own version of his painting “The Starry Night”.   Some of us used oil pastels and charcoal. Others used paint. Come and see our excellent pictures on display outside our classrooms.  Fractions and telling the time have been our focus in maths.  We are getting better at telling the time for quarter past and quarter to.  In English, we have been using some conjunctions to join two facts or information together.  We wrote some fantastic sentences with conjunctions in, when we wrote about the story ‘Laura’s Star’, by Klaus Baumgart.