Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week ending 29th January 2016

What a fantastic week. You won’t believe what story we have been reading… Aliens Love Underpants! It is SO funny! We have been decorating underpants and decorating the classroom with them too! Some of us have been coming up with our very own alien stories to act out too.

Isobel worked alongside lots of children over the course of two days to create a ginormous rocket! It was made taller than her, then taller than Elsie.. and then taller than Miss Riddington! “I had to stand on a chair to reach it!” she told us. Miss Riddington has been so proud of us for our fantastic teamwork this week.

“I have been doing big pants!” Albie told us, “and a big alien!” Albie chose to colour and make patterns on a gigantic alien and pair of pants which look fantastic on display. “Halle and Finley helped” he said.

“I did a challenge to make teddy some underpants” Elsie told us. “I had to make the front and the back so he was covered up” she said. Elsie was fantastic at adapting her ideas to make sure the pants were perfect!

Ruby played musical statues with Ellie-Mai (DJ), Abigail, Lucy, Charlie S, Rhyley, Codey, Jayden, Elsie, Pixie, Jack AND Lenny! It is fantastic how well we can play games, take it in turns, and have our own ideas all by ourselves now.

Joshua has been challenging himself by writing tricky words and even a sentence this week too! Joshua loves trying out using our new sounds in a sentence.

Lots have children have loved exploring the musical instruments this week, making space and alien music too!

We have had such a fantastic week and can’t wait for more space fun next week.