Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies Class Blog Week beginning 11th January 2016

We are still loving our new space topic and thought about the story called ‘Whatever next!’  this week. Miss Riddington decided to pack up a picnic, put on her space boots (wellies), put on a space hat (colander), and jump in her rocket to fly to the moon just like the bear did in the story. Lots of us had a go at it too. Halle and Olivia had a lovely picnic when they got to the moon. Alfie and Abigail flew to the moon too- Although they had a bit of a bumpy landing!

Lexi was excited to make an astronaut badge this week. It was a badge like Tim Peak” she told us. Lots of other children enjoyed making their space badges too.

The children have done some fabulous writing, thinking about what they would like to take to the moon. Pixie and Ruby went on silver for their fabulous writing! Chloe decided to take a ‘nice cup of coffee’ with her to the moon- brilliant!

Joshua and Lucy worked together to make their very own planet this week. Watch out though- it has aliens living on it!

Lots of us decided to make our very own planets too. We used all sorts of different materials like paint, sand, and glitter all on a paper plate to create them. We loved telling Mrs Lemmon all of the things we know about space while we did it.

Joshua worked so hard in his maths this week that he won a GOLD award! We are all very proud of him. He was brilliant at challenging himself.

We have read some information books this week too. Did you know that the moon flies (orbits) around the Earth?

We are very excited for more space themed learning next week!