Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Class Blog 8.1.16

We are now learning about SPACE.

In the holiday we all received a postcard inviting us to SPACE SCHOOL on the first day back.

‘We came to school and were put into little groups to do different activities.’ (Laney)

Layla enjoyed trying some space food especially the strawberry ice cream. ‘It is not like our ice cream because it is hard’  ………..and ……..

‘you rehydrate it on your tongue.’ (Luke)

Thomas liked the Physical Training with Miss Riddington and Mrs Ash. ‘Mrs Ash picked a card. One said Earth, one said Saturn, one said Sun and one said Moon. If she picked the card where you were you were out.’

Ava enjoyed making a rocket with Mrs Newman. ‘We made a mouse shape to go on top of the rocket. We popped the rocket and the mouse shot off the top.’

Chester enjoyed seeing if an Eggnaut could land safely. ‘We had to wrap an egg up in bubble wrap. Then we put string on it to make a parachute and then Mrs Burt dropped it from the top of a ladder. We had to see if it was cracked. Ours was cracked.’

Phoebe enjoyed making a rocket badge with Mrs Chimes.

Albie enjoyed investigating position and direction with Mrs Angell.

The day has made us all think about what it would be like to be an astronaut.

image009Also this week we read a book called ‘The Man on the Moon, A Day in the Life of Bob’ by Simon Bartram. We had great fun acting out Bob’s day before writing about it in the form of a diary. Mrs Burt was so pleased with our writing that she put most of us on Silver!

We are very excited that Olivia was given Gold today for making a sphere with the polydron shapes. Back in November when we were covering 2D/3D shapes Mrs Burt said that if anyone could make a sphere she would give them Gold as it a very fiddly shape to make. Olivia, amongst others, has shown resilience when attempting to make a sphere and was very pleased with herself when she had finally done it. Well done Olivia.