Class 6 – Butterflies 2015-16

Butterfly Class 29.1.16

This week we have been learning about the first moon landings.  We have learnt lots of facts about the three astronauts and how they got to the moon.  We have written our own newspaper reports about the event and what Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins did in space.  We then designed and made our own moon buggies.  We had to be very careful when we sawed the wood for the chassis.  Then we made an axle and used wooden wheels. We made lots equipment to put on the chassis.  Come and see our moon buggy display in the cloakroom.

In maths we have been looking at division as sharing and by using fractions. ¼ of a number is the same as sharing by 4.  Today, Ollie Day came to tell us about Road Safety and how important being careful on the roads is. It was great fun.

Learning Objectives 1st Feb 2016