Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog – Week ending 27th November

What an amazing week! We had a visit from the owl babies and they left us a letter! Lots of us decided to write to them, make nests, and even make bird hideouts to try and look for birds too. We didn’t see any owls though as they are nocturnal!

We have had a very busy week and have been learning all sorting of different things.

“I have been drawing an owl” Alfie told us.

Elsie played a spider game with Lucie, Alfie, Ruby, and Mrs Newman… Elsie won!

Harry C made the best jet pack he has ever made! You need lots of different materials to make it. Harry explained how to do it so we can all make one and fly around the room now!

Lenny made some steps for Rubilyn so she could climb onto his beautiful sailing boat.

Harry T chose to draw an owl using the computer. It was so fantastic he went on silver!

Jack and Thomas played a superhero game where Thomas was Turbo Man and Jack was the bad guy.

Robert did some writing for the owl babies.

“I was playing in the water tray catching fish” Halle told us.

We love sharing our fantastic ideas with each other as we learn so much and find out so many ideas. The children also did some baking this week which they absolutely loved! They carefully made the scales balance, and mixed flour, eggs, butter, and sugar to make cakes! They looked fabulous, especially when they decorated them to look like owls. We hope to do some more baking before Christmas and want to do lots at home too!