Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ Class Blog – 6.11.15

We have had a very busy week this week. It is our first week back after half term and lots of us have been dressing up in spooky costumes for Halloween in the holidays!

Our new topic is called ‘In the attic’ and we loved going on a foggy walk on Monday to look for bats and spiders! As part of our new topic we are going to think about nocturnal animals and some children have already started to tell us some of the nocturnal animals they have found out about as part of their home learning! “It means they sleep in the day” Lexi told us.

Not only have we got an exciting new topic to think about, but we also had a firework day. The children did lots of firework activities and made up colourful firework dances. The dances were so fantastic that the children chose to make invitations and invite everybody to the firework show. In the afternoon the children performed their dances, saying “ooooh, aaaah!” at the pretty displays! We made a giant bonfire and had some hot chocolate too J

“I don’t like it that the bad man tried to kill the king” Lenny said.

“Let me tell you about fireworks…” Harry C said. “You dig a hole and put it in it, then you blow it up and it goes up in the air. My favourite colour is orange”.

Lots of the children went to firework displays.

“You have to stand back!” Said Charlie C.

We have had a busy week as well as lots of children challenging themselves.

“I was playing with Lucie” Alfie said.

“I played schools with Ruby” Elsie told us.

“I was playing builders. We built a brick tower and worked together and the children said WOW!” Harry C said.

“I was playing with Rubilyn” Lucy said.

“I played in the dark den. I found numicon and counted” Rhyley explained.

We have loved being back together this week! Harry T has been our child of the week and was such a fantastic help all week too J