Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebees Class Blog – 6.11.15

This week the Bumblebees have had lots of fun.

“We have learnt the ‘b’ sound.” said Kara-Mae

“I made a big number with pieces of numicon.” said Albie.

“I liked PE. We did gymnastics. I liked going on the bench.” Ben C

“I made fireworks on the computer.” said Scarlett.

“In golden time I had fun. We had one battery, two wires and a bulb and I connected it together and it worked. If you add another bulb it’s not as bright, it goes tiny because it doesn’t have as much electricity.” said Ben M.

“I liked playing with puppets.” said Thomas

“We made a big bonfire in the Forest area and had hot chocolate around the fire.” said Joe.

“We decorated biscuits like fireworks and ate them.” Said Robby

“I made a Guy because I wanted to throw him on a fire.” said Charlie.

“I made fireworks with junk modelling.” Said Eden.

“We went on a walk in the fog and drew pictures.” Said Finley