Class 1 – Dragonflies 2015-16

Dragonflies’ class blog 9.10.15

We have loved this week, although it has been very busy!

“I played on the train with Isobel” Lexi told us.

“The fairies came” Halle said. The fairies did come! They have left us some tricky words to remember. They were so impressed with our phonics so far so now we are trying to impress them with all of the other things we know too!

“I made a gingerbread man with the leaves, I used leaves to make his head and arms and legs. I used glue and put them on the leaves for the eyes” Joshua said, telling us about what he had made after listening to the leaf man story.

“I’ve been playing outside where the slide was. I made new friends, Ruby, Joshua, Pixie, and Lucy.” Ellie-Mai said.

“I made a treasure map.” Said Harry C.

“I played with Charlie S” said Jack.

“With the leaves I did a leaf man. I wrote my name” Albie told us. some of the leaf men are up on display for us to admire.

“Playing with Harry T” Abigail told us.

“In the big garden I was playing with Finlay” Lenny said.

“I have been playing with Ruby. We have been running around too.” Said Lucy.

Charlie Cook has been our child of the week. He has been brilliant and very helpful. Miss Riddington was particularly impressed because he set such a beautiful example to the other children.

We have had a fantastic week and have really been enjoying the forest area too!