Class 3 – Caterpillars 2015-16

Caterpillars Blog 16.10.12

We had a very exciting start to the week this week because we went to Sandringham for a Welly Walk.

Thomas enjoyed collecting conker cases but had to be very careful of the prickles!

Macy enjoyed being able to have a biscuit with her snack.

Albie found a caterpillar and was really pleased because, ‘we are in the Caterpillars class.’

Luke got rather excited when he spotted a squirrel!

Caleb liked squelching in some mud.

It was a lovely morning spent looking at signs of Autumn around Sandringham and more than once the children were complimented on their behaviour by visitors. Well done Year One.

We have also been thinking about the other Seasons and thinking about how the weather changes during the different Seasons.

Owen says today’s weather is typical Autumn – a bit windy, dark, cold and rainy.

Laney enjoys the Winter because she likes to make a snowman in the Snow.

Flynn says it becomes warmer in the Springtime but Nell says we can also experience ‘April Showers.’

We all like it in the Summer when it is sunny and hot and we can eat ice-cream!

Next week we have our Maths Café on Monday afternoon, we hope to see many of you there.