Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2015-16

Bumblebee Class Blog – Week commencing 28/9/15

This week the Bumblebee class revisited the sounds they have already learnt and learnt new sounds ‘g’ and ‘o’. We enjoyed the story Red Rockets and Rainbow Jelly and decided to make lots of jelly! We also changed the roleplay area into a rocket!

In Maths, we looked at natural objects and compared the size deciding whether they were bigger or smaller.

The children also enjoyed:

“I enjoyed playing in the jelly. It wobbled all day. I squidged eyeballs in it!” said Harry.

“I made shadows in the sun.” said Charlie.

“I made couscous in Golden Time!” said Eden.

“I enjoyed trying to balance on a surf board.” said Scarlett.

“I made rainbow footprints with my feet.” said Charlie.

“I made jelly.” said Joe. “I made pineapple and blackcurrant jelly.” Isaac added.

“I enjoyed going on silver for good home learning.” said Medhi.

“I enjoyed rolling the ball in PE.” said Robby

“In Golden Time I learnt if someone was choking you hit them on the back 5 times and ring 999.” said Medhi.