Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 10.7.15

This week we have been thinking about seaside holidays in the past and have really enjoyed watching ‘Magic Grandad.’

‘Magic Grandad and the children get sent back into the past.’ (Rinoa)

‘They went to the beach and had a hokey pokey. This is an ice-cream that is on a piece of paper.’ (Max)

‘In the olden days people went to the beach on trains.’ (Lilly)

‘We saw one of the first cars on the programme.’ (George)

Florence asked her grandma and mummy about their past experiences of going on holiday to the beach. She then produced a powerpoint about them. Please read her work on the below link.

Florences Seaside History Home Learning

We have written our own stories about finding a key, a box or a ring on the beach.

David wrote a fantastic story about becoming Aquaman when he put on the ring. He wrote a very exciting ending with something for us to think about,

‘If you find a ring maybe you will turn into Aquaman or Aquawoman!’

What would you do with Aquaman/Aquawomen’s powers?

Tonight is our Summer Fair and we have all finished our under sea portraits ready to sell. We are also going to be performing Commotion in the Ocean and Yellow Submarine which we are really looking forward to, and Mrs Burt will be in the stocks once again ready to get very wet.

See you all there.