Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Blog 3.7.15

This week has been Aspirations Week. Lots of different people have come into school to talk to us about their jobs.

On Monday we saw a fireman and a police lady. We went outside to see a police van and some of us were allowed to sit in the back. A Fearne’s mummy is a midwife and she came to see us and told us all about how she helps mummies when they are having a baby. Lucy (Alice’s mummy) is a surgeon and she came to tell us about operating on people’s arms and legs. Yazen’s daddy is a doctor and he came to talk to us with his team from the hospital.

On Wednesday we had a very hot day at the Royal Norfolk Show. Jayden enjoyed making a worm using pompoms. Lilly enjoyed getting her flag from the Leicester Tigers while Poppy enjoyed practising her rugby tackles. Misha enjoyed planting a seed. We all came home with lots of stickers and goodies from the show and as Rinoa said, ‘today has been fantastic!’

On Thursday James came to talk to us about being a butcher and he helped us make our own burger. “They had onions, beef, herbs and spices and breadcrumbs in them. It was yummy!” said Louie.


Gillian McClure came to talk to us about her books that she writes and illustrates. She told the story of Selkie and we were allowed to use her puppets to help make up the story.

Brian Lewis also showed us some of his paintings. He likes to paint seals doing human things. We had a go at drawing seals too. Srivatsa drew seals playing football. Rinoa’s seals were driving a car. Ralph’s seals were in canoes. Florence’s seals were writing.

Today we are having our sports afternoon. We are looking forward to getting into our teams.