Class 5 – Ladybirds 2014-15

Ladybird Class 26.6.15

This week we have been reading stories about the Lighthouse Keeper, Mr Grinling. We looked at exciting words used in the story and found out what they meant. We also learnt how to use a thesaurus to find alternative words we could use in our writing. Today we wrote our own story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch from the seagulls’ viewpoint. Mrs Buckley was very impressed with the amount of detail and sentence openers we used. In maths we wrote our own word problems we collected data and put this into a graph.

In art we painted scenes from the Lighthouse Keeper stories. We learnt how to mix colours and how to use different brush strokes. Finally we have made amazing lighthouses with a full electric circuit to make a lighthouse bulb light up and turn off.