Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies class blog – Week beginning Monday 1st June

We have been reading the rainbow fish story.

“The rainbow fish got fish for us” Bella.
“We read the letter and found out what it was.” Robyn.

The children had a vote of what they wanted the fish to be called.
“Poppy” Charlotte.
“Fishy” Chester.
“Lilly” Isabella.
“Sian” Brody.
“Nemo” Millie.
The rainbow fish decided it liked the names Betty and Fred the best. Some of the children chose to write a letter to the rainbow fish. He sent us a reply too! We were very excited.

“We have been looking at 3D shapes” Thomas.
“We have been looking at 2D shapes, they are flat”. Owen.
“We heard the story under the sea”. Laney.
“We have been feeding the fish” Albie. “Without getting our fingers in the water”. We talked together about how we mustn’t put or fingers in the water as our hands have germs on them that may hurt the fish.
Kitty has been a fantastic child of the week, remembering to give the fish their breakfast.
”We have had some cardboard boxes” Said Chloe.
“We have made an ice cream van” Said Bafana.

We all really love our new topic under the sea and have had so much fun this week making our classroom look fantastic. Next week the children have asked to make under the sea dressing up costumes!