Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies class blog Week beginning – Monday 15th June

This week we read the story called The Fish Who Could Wish. We all wrote our very own wishes.
“I wish I was an Arsenal football player because they are the best team.” Said Flynn, remembering the wish he had written.
“I wish I could be a princess” Said Bella.
“I wish I was a dragon because I like living in a dark castle.” Said Harry.
“I wish I was a superhero because I love superheroes.” Said Zac. Even though he was poorly when we made the wishes, he was able to think what he would wish for very quickly!
“I wish I had a Guinea pig because mine died. A brown and white one” Said Laney.

We watched a video clip all about under the sea creatures. We found out lots of facts and wrote them down so that other people can learn them too.
“Sharks can eat fish” Said Jack.
“When octopuses get angry they turn red” Said Albie.
“Squids eat fish” Said Layla.
“Swordfish kill sharks” Said Brody.
“Dolphins go under and over the water like a rainbow” Said Charlotte.

In maths “we have been looking at coins and seeing what they mean.” Said Thomas.
“20p” Said Isabella, remembering one of our coins. Our number of the week is 20 too!

Macy, Flynn and Miss Riddington all went on gold!
“For good writing.” Said Flynn.
“For writing.” Said Macy.
Miss Davenport put Miss Riddington on gold for helping children to improve in their writing.
We have had such a super week this week with so many children making huge progress in their reading and writing. To make our week even better we had a lady come to read us stories and open a book shop for us too!