Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies class blog Week beginning 22nd June

“We read the story of Tiddler and have been learning about sea creatures.” Said Robyn.
“Dolphins can breathe when they jump out of the water!” Charlotte told us.
“I learned that an octopus has 8 legs and 3 hearts!” Said Olivia.
“Crabs have claws and a shell to protect themselves.” Layla told us.
We have been watching clips and reading fact books all about under the sea creatures to learn new things. Some children have been finding out facts at home too!

“We having been taking away numbers using bottle tops and numicon.” Nell said.
“I used a whiteboard to take away.” Remembered Isabella.
“I have learnt to take away 2 numbers!” Said Owen, proudly.
The children have got really good at doing take away sums. The trickiest part is writing down the number sentence but by really challenging ourselves we have managed to do some fantastic work. The children have explored taking away in all different ways, outdoors, indoors and using lots of different objects to practise.

“We also did some handwriting.” Said Maisie.
“I enjoyed playing on the climbing frame.” Said Albie.

We have had a super week and are really enjoying our under the sea topic. we can’t wait for an exciting week next week. On Tuesday we even get to go to year 1 for the day!