Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Blog 19.6.15

image001On Monday Barnaby Bear came to school to visit us. He was about to go to Australia on his holiday so he asked our advice about the things he should pack in his suitcase.

When he got to Australia, Barnaby sent us a video clip to show us all the things he had been up to. George liked it when he was surfing on Bondi Beach with Kenny Kangaroo. Max remembered that Barnaby had seen the Sydney Opera House. Ellie liked it when Barnaby met the koalas.

We all then wrote a recount about Barnaby’s visit. Misha wrote;

‘First Barnaby went to the airport where he met Kate Koala and Uncle Pete. He took a bus to Uncle Pete’s, he was very excited to go on an adventure in Australia. After lunch he went to the Harbour Bridge. He went on top of the bridge and then he went to the Opera House. “What’s opera!” asked Barnaby. “It’s where you sing.” Barnaby imagined himself singing on a stage in front of lots of people. Next he went to the aquarium. “Be careful! If you break the glass we might get wet,” said Barnaby. He wanted to see a big shark. Next he went surfing. Kenny Kangaroo was teaching him but he fell down. Next he went to school.’

In Maths we have been weighing objects using gram weights. We were given a challenge to make a playdoh sea creature that weighed exactly 50g.