Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 8.5.15

As we are now learning about the Rainforests we have got a Rainforest Explorers hut in our Role play area. Isla-Mae really enjoys playing in here and wearing the Explorers badge with the butterfly on it. We made some monkeys that link together by their tails to hang from our rainforest role play.

We have been using chalk/pastels to draw animals from the Rainforest.

Mrs Blogg gave Srivatsa a silver for this amazing drawing of a parrot.

George drew this brightly coloured parrot.

Ellie drew a poison dart frog hiding in the leaves of the understory

Sophia drew a very happy Blue Morpho Butterfly.

Will looked very carefully at a picture of a toucan when drawing this picture.

We have learnt that there are four layers to the Rainforests. Max knows these are called, “the forest floor, the understory, the canopy and the emergent layer.” To show these different layers Mrs Burt and Miss Hayes made a tree out of fabric and put the different animals in the layers.

We have been researching different Rainforest animals this week by looking in lots of non-fiction books and reading the facts.

Oscar B found out that, “when poison arrow frogs eat, it gives them more poison.”

Srivatsa discovered that, “a sloth only comes down from a tree once a week to have a poo and then it goes back up again.”

Oliver Mc found out that, “a jaguar creeps up on an animals and then pounces on them.”

Kara found out that, “a sloth has bugs and algae growing in its fur!”

Ralph and Alfie Ch discovered that, “jaguars can bite through a turtles shell and through an animal’s skull.”

We have really enjoyed our Rainforest work so far and are looking forward to continuing it next week.