Class 6 – Butterflies 2014-15

Butterflies Class 8.5.15

In Butterflies class this week we have learnt about the Yanomami tribe who live in the Amazon rainforest. We compared their lives with ours and then we used clay to make a Maloka (a Yanomami house).

In literacy we have been reading two new Anthony Browne books they were called Zoo and Voices in the Park. At the start of the week we discussed whether zoos are good or bad. Jasmine thinks that zoos can be bad because some animals are kept in cages so the animals might be afraid. Madeleine also thinks that zoos could be bad if the zoo keepers do not look after the animals.

In our maths lessons this week we have been learning about fractions. At the beginning of the week we were finding the fractions of shapes and then we started to find the fractions of objects.