Class 6 – Butterflies 2014-15

Butterflies Class 15.5.15

For our topic work this week in art we have been looking at pictures by Henri Rousseau and have had a go at painting our own rainforest pictures in his style. It has taken us three days to do this because he adds so much detail in layers.

In maths we have been doing missing number patterns, partitioning numbers to help us add several numbers together and learning about money by buying things in a Rainforest shop. For science we went outside on a mini-beast hunt and found earwigs, woodlice, beetles, ants, centipedes and flies.

In literacy we planned and wrote a rainforest adventure story and have been looking at glossaries in rainforest books and making our own glossary, which we have now put on the wall in the classroom to help us with our writing.
Imaad, Tyler, Jilly, Joe, Mollie and Katelyn.