Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2014-15

Bumble Bee Class – Summer 1 Week 4

“We have been reading What the Ladybird heard story.” Cady

“We have been writing wanted posters for the robbers in the What the Ladybird heard story.” Ollie

“We have been trying to trap the robbers.” Ikechi

“We decided to make cameras to catch the robbers.” Alfie

“We wrote letters to the robbers.” Sophia

“We have been doubling in Maths.” Oliver

“We have been painting bumble bees and ladybirds on paper plates.” Dulcie

“We have been building a train to go to the beach.” Rhys

“We’ve been playing on the climbing frame.” Ralf

“We have been playing football outside.” Jack

“I have been playing in the sand.” Khadijah

“We did dough disco.” Freddie

“We have been playing team games.” Finley

“We were making bugs out of clay.” Alex

“I bought my Giant African Land Snails in to share with the class.” Imogen