Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Blog 13.3.15

Our story this week was the Gingerbread Man so we made some for ourselves and ate them as a treat at snack time.

Alice was concerned because Mrs Burt cooked them at home and had said that she could hear them shouting to get out of the oven!

Isla –Mae enjoyed her Gingerbread man because he was ‘tasty’.

We have been thinking about materials and what happens when we heat certain materials. We tried this with a piece of chocolate.

Louie said, ‘the chocolate was tasty.’

Abi said, ‘I rubbed the chocolate in my hands to melt it.’

As you can see we all got a little bit messy!

In Maths we have been weighing and Oscar B knew that we weigh in grams. Mrs Burt set us a challenge to find something in the classroom that weighed 10g. It was a bit tricky because 10g is not very heavy (Will)

Outside we were measuring capacity using mililitres (Kara). We were looking to see how much water different containers would hold.

We have also been using a paint package on the computer to draw our own pictures. Ethan enjoyed painting a picture of a gingerbread house.

We are finishing our topic next week so as always are looking forward to a special treat. I wonder what it might be?