Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Dragonflies class blog – week beg 26th January

Hurray! It finally snowed this week and as Bella said, “it was what we were wishing for.” Robyn liked throwing snowballs at Mrs Rudd.

Layla has enjoyed learning our sounds this week which were ar, er and ou.


Ava has liked learning about penguins. We had a story called “Lost and Found”. The penguin went in a boat to Antarctica. Albie knew that this is at the bottom of the world.

We all drew penguins and made models of penguins.

We have had our first double gold – well done Laney! Gold for writing AND reading!!

Next week we are travelling to the arctic.

Our learning objectives will be

  • To learn about the Arctic and how it is different to where we live
  • To find out about the people who live at the Arctic
  • To write letters to an Inuit about South Wootton
  • To combine 2 numbers and find the total
  • To share our learning with our family at the reading café

Don’t forget – Reception reading cafés – Wednesday 4th February @ 9.15am