Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 16.1.15

This week we have learnt about a penguin’s life cycle.

“It starts when a mummy penguin lays an egg. (Misha)

The mum passes the egg back to daddy carefully. (Jayden)

Daddy looks after the egg. (Max)

Mummy has gone to get some food in the sea. (Rinoa)

The daddy has to keep the egg without dropping it on the ice for 2 months. (Srivatsa)

The daddy penguins get in a huddle to keep them nice and warm. They keep swapping over so they all get a turn in the middle. (Oliver N)

The baby penguin hatches out of the egg. (Florence)

Daddy feeds the baby with some milk he has made inside a pouch in his throat. (Isla and Alfie Ch)

Daddy sees something walking towards them. (Lennon)

Mummy comes back and is sick in the baby’s mouth. (Will)

Then the daddy goes off and looks for food for himself. (Alice)

As the baby grows he loses his grey feathers and grows black and white ones. (Poppy)

image007We have been reading the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and we have all written about what we would do if we found a penguin on our doorstep. Some of these stories are included in our hall display.

Wesley would take his penguin to Hunstanton and take him swimming.

Oscar B would take him shopping and buy him a fish tank.

Lilly would sit and watch the film ‘Happy Feet’ with him.

In maths we have been learning about halves and quarters. We have made pretend pizzas to help us look at halves and quarters of objects and have used cubes and other equipment to halve numbers.

We are all looking forward to visiting Hunstanton Sea Life Centre on Monday and Miss Davenport has told us that the whole school will be getting a treat on Friday afternoon. We can’t wait to find out what it is!!!