Class 6 – Butterflies 2014-15

Butterfly Class 30.1.15

We have designed and built sledges out of junk to transport a LEGO scientist around Antarctica. We have also been learning how to write instructions and wrote instructions on how to make our sledges. In Art we looked at the work of Artist Ted Harrison and had a go at doing our own versions using warm colours to make a cold scene. We used crayons, paint and Textease in ICT to create three different pictures.

In maths we drew symmetrical jumpers using 2d shapes to keep our penguins warm and then we made ‘exploding squares’ to use our symmetry knowledge. To do this we took a coloured square of paper folded it in half and cut wavy strips. We stuck these to a white piece of paper leaving little gaps. Try this at home!

Jack, Imaad, Tillie, Isla and Archie