Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15


Homework : Look at a website about the Great Fire of London e.g. play the games on

Learning Objectives : 08.12.14

This week we will be:

  • To relate addition to combining two or more shapes
  • To learn songs and dances for the Christmas performance
  • To prepare costume accessories for the performance
  • To recreate Christmas scenarios e.g. Santa’s sleigh, Elves’ workshop
  • To write Christmas cards, lists and gift tags

This week we enjoyed listening to the story The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. We created some light and dark artwork using candles, paint and black silhouettes. We also wrote some lines independently for a class poem. These were our ideas.

The dark is scary (Casey, Nell, Jack, Laney, Maisie, Layla)

The dark is beautiful (Brody)

The dark is super (Caleb)

The dark is friendly (Robyn, Phoebe, Isabella, Ava

The dark is wet (Bafana)

The dark is magic (Lyla, Millie)

The dark is awesome (Flynn)

The dark is spooky (Macy)

The dark is sparkly (Olivia)

The dark is owly (Luke)

The dark is funny (Chloe)

The dark is good (Thomas)

The dark is angry (Albie)

The dark is twinkly,

The dark is lovely (Bella)

The dark is a cat,

The dark is a leopard,

The dark can fly (Owen)


We have been very interested to learn about the Great Fire of London. Albie remembered “there was a man who had a diary”. Olivia knew that “the fire came from the bakery”. But we also had a lot of new questions. Maisie wanted to know “Where did they live when their houses burned down?” So we consulted some experts! On Thursday morning pupils from Year 2 visited us to share their learning. They answered our questions. Millie’s brother Archie told us people lived in tents. We also learnt some completely new information. Albie’s brother Ronan explained all about fire breaks.

We have also celebrated two Dragonflies pupils moving to the Gold outstanding learning zone this week.

Albie moved to the gold learning zone because of excellent listening and movement in PE. Owen also moved to gold for his thoughtful lines at the end of our class poem.