Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 5.12.14

There have been some strange happenings in Caterpillars class this week. On Wednesday we noticed a little door had appeared in the classroom that said, ‘Elves Only’ and there was some special magic dust on the floor near it.


We made some pictures and left them by the door and the next day we noticed they had gone!! The next day on the whiteboard we saw a naughty and nice list signed by ‘Mr McJingles’.


Miss Claxton was on the naughty list but the rest of us were on the nice list. Luckily by Friday Miss Claxton had moved back to the nice list. Phew! We will be watching very carefully over the next two weeks to see what other mysterious things might happen.

Also this week we made a Christingle. Misha says, ‘to make one we need an orange, some red ribbon, 4 cocktail sticks, some raisins and sweets and a candle.’ Jayden says that the ribbon needs to be red because ‘it reminds us of the blood and love of Christ’. Kara said the orange reminds us of ‘the world’.

We have been looking forward to the Christmas Fayre all week and next week we will be rehearsing songs and words for our Christmas Play. It is a very exciting time in school.

Finally this week, we had our second person of the year move to GOLD!!!

Srivatsa made a fantastic powerpoint presentation at home about the Great Fire of London. He obviously spent a lot of time and effort on this and it shows his learning during our topic. A huge well done Srivatsa.