Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2014-15

Bumblebees class blog 05.12.14

Homework : Look at a website about the Great Fire of London e.g. play the games on

Learning Objectives : 08.12.14

This week we will be:

  • To relate addition to combining two or more shapes
  • To learn songs and dances for the Christmas performance
  • To prepare costume accessories for the performance
  • To recreate Christmas scenarios e.g. Santa’s sleigh, Elves’ workshop
  • To write Christmas cards, lists and gift tags

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London this week in Bumblebees. Alfie was interested to see the piece of burnt wood that we looked at and we followed Emma’s idea to use it to draw on the paper for our representation of the Great Fire. Jack said ‘The wood was hard and we got dirty. We could draw with it.” Jack and Ikechi both enjoyed learning about fire and smoke. Rhys remembered how the fire started and said “Sparks from the bakery shop started it”. Oliver remembered the name of “Samuel Pepys” and said “Little Samuel Pepys took off his wig so he could stop the fire” The children were interested in the different clothes and hairstyles depicted in paintings and recreated in historical representations.

We have also been busy making our crafts for the Christmas Fayre. Thank you to everyone who came to help us. Shayna said “We have been making stars out of sticks and straws.” Macie said “I liked making twig stars, but it was hard.” Some excellent stars have been made for homework. Look out for them in the hall!